Everyone just blends in to understand the flavors and spice of every single individual.

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Freshers are like a risk you take – It’s either a good one or bad. The first thing that comes to your mind when you choose to hire a fresher is, “Do they have experience?” Or, “How good is he/she?” Like I said, it’s more of a risk that an agency takes. 

In life, every single decision is based on a thought and every single thought is based on what we see. From the eyes of a fresher, the goal is to please, and the first thing that could come to one’s eyes is the word ‘effort’. 

We put in so much effort to make our CV’s stand out, play with colours to form designs so irresistible that, we somehow choose to ‘be professional’. We write and rewrite to form sentences that please 10x more than the actual person’s that we really are. 

It is so important, to learn and to be taught, because as a fresher, I learned the importance of hard work. There is so much to life, than just long days and long vacations. So much more than, complaining and always nagging. 

Dreamsketchers is my first ever job and it was a challenge I was willing to take head-on, a challenge I was willing to accomplish. It made me believe that, no matter what, I wasn’t alone. It gave me an opportunity to count on myself, to trust, to believe and to grow. 

Dreamsketchers – a startup – gives me a huge, magnificent platform to experiment, to learn, to be taught and eventually together, we will grow. The atmosphere surrounding me, feels like home. You know you can count on whomever your eyes fall onto. 

Here, at Dreamsketchers I am surrounded by so many brilliant minds, when put together they form a galaxy of stars with so many different colors forming patterns of ideas and innovation.  The system of hierarchy is broken. Everyone just blends in to understand the flavors and spice of every single individual. 

It’s an opportunity where you’re not the only one blooming. But, everyone else is blooming with you. So, that’s an additional plus point. We’re a family learning from each other. Like a garden of beautiful flowers, trees and not forgetting the weeds. 

Every agency has their flaws, and so does ours. But the difference between those agencies and ours is – we’re willing to learn, we’re willing to do better and we’re willing to put ourselves in the minds of our clients, stepping into their shoes to deliver creative perfection. 

We form bonds, friendships and trust. From working at the office, to moving work to artistic cafés, we are not only surrounded by four walls but more importantly a fun-filled, collaborative working environment.  

In this century, the balance between physical and mental health is so necessary and the team, makes sure that it stays that way. So right now, I’m a social media executive and content creator for Dreamsketchers and I can proudly say, I’m happy. And that’s so important for me. 

This was and is one of the proudest decisions I’ve made. Because we’re a start-up, we’re learning new things every single day. We’re always on the same page, and we’ll always walk along the same road. Fight our obstacles and work together as one dusted-gold  team!

By Faye D’Souza


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