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“Rise in automation warrants need for transferable skills”

By August 6, 2019 One Comment

With the rise in automation we can expect a huge loss of jobs in the future. Keeping this in mind we need to be very skill focused. More employers are now looking at transferable skills. You may ask – Why are these skills so important? Mainly because we are shifting towards a world where we’re constantly evolving and updating. 

These are the common transferable skills that show up in almost every survey done for the skills needed in the future. 

Skills such as creativity that had previously held less value has now become an invaluable asset that an employer would pay a large amount for. Now companies can out do their competitors primarily through creativity in their branding strategies. This simple task would draw more consumers to their brands! 

Emotional Intelligence is the glue holding us together, especially when we get fired by a client or our boss or even have disagreements with our colleagues. With the whirlwind of emotions that we face everyday while trying to maintain a balance to do our work efficiently, without letting our feelings get to us, is of utmost importance and that’s where emotional intelligence comes in. 

People with high EQ have good work-life balance and can deal with their emotions without letting it get it in the way of their productivity at work.

Adaptability in our forever changing work scenario has now become a critical skill for every employee to develop. We need to be on the fast track to adjust with the changing times and processes of our respective fields. We should be able to solve problems in difficult situations and adapt along with changing technology and business strategies.

Ask an HR why People Management skills are so important and you’ll never hear the end of it. But with Management realizing the importance of people skills this has become yet another important skill that employers would like their employees to possess. People skills are so important for a million reasons starting from being able to motivate your team members to meet their targets to networking and making more contacts to move forward in your field. It’s definitely a must for us.

Reports by the World Economic Forum states that there will be an increase in the requirement for more critical thinking and decision making as in the future 60% of our work tasks will be related with critical thinking and making decisions on a day to day basis. 

Employers across the globe have already started looking at critical thinking as one of the main skills employees should possess to pass good decisions that would benefit the company. What do you think?

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