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Meet the TEAM through each others eyes!

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Hey there Miss. Sherlyn Gomes, Content Creator at Dreamsketchers

Energetic. Caring. Hardworking. Loves them twisted jokes. Doesn’t wait for no one when it’s time for lunch coz acidity is bae. Passionate about what she does.

With love, Jonas Desouza


Say Hi to Glency Rodrigues! Designer at Dreamsketchers

If you ask us to define happy, well I am pretty sure everybody at DS would point to this beautiful soul. Young, energetic, versatile and definitely the youngest & the finest Shinobi we have here ! If she had her way she would doodle all over the world ♥

With love, Ankit Talaulikar


Give Askar Ali Patil a high-five! Sales & Admin at Dreamsketchers

A hard-worker pushing all boundaries to execute all kinds of challenges he’s exposed to. Climbing his ladder of success one step at a time.

With love, Anish Divekar


Maybe a fist bump for Ankit Talaulikar? Co-Founder & Director at Dreamsketchers

His personality ranges from a clumsy 5-year-old to a wise 80-year-old. Loves cooking-up characters in his head & weaves tales around them. Could be found with a backpack, walking down the lanes of an unfamiliar town. His morning begins with coffee, c***, and coco. Dreamer with an attention span of…. what was I saying? Generally the loudest soul in the room, but only one person can magically turn him quiet. Can you guess who?

With love, Sheevanee Gaonkar



You may Boop Marilyn Pinto’s nose, Media Head at Dreamsketchers

An organisational extraordinaire, with a flair for perfect emails, the mother of the troop and a bundle of delightful insanity. Here’s introducing the one and only, our rock solid foundation, our PR maverick and Media Head, Marilyn Melissa Pinto.

With love,  Shivani Kunkolienkar


Gotta special handshake? Meet Faye Desouza! Social Media Executive at Dreamsketchers

The one with the brimming ideas! This one is responsible for most of the laugh riots in office as well as some really cool campaigns. She’s feisty, she’s a millennial (you know because she can barely relate with some 90s cartoons, eyes rolling) and she’s packed with a really fun story to tell every day. Faye is a quick learner and fits right into our hard work party hard work culture. Fresh out of college, as a media student Faye was selected from a batch of very competitive campus recruitment and definitely adds to the magic at Dreamsketchers.

With love,  Marilyn Pinto


Pranam Mr. Purshottam Quenim, Co-Founder & Director at Dreamsketchers

HR turned Creative Guru!

Exuberant. Gregarious. Authoritative

Sunshine on a rainy day personified

A night owl that could turn Saawariya into an Oscar worthy film

Has the ability to make new friends in 3.5 seconds

Can be found mooning over some bit of poetry he came across years ago

Our designated office santa 

Can be caught drooling over Aishwarya Rai when no ones looking

The most chaotically beautiful mind I’ve come across

After a year of being a hollywood hotshot

We welcome you back to our little piece of paradise!

With love, Sherlyn Gomes


Say hey homie to Jonas Desouza! Head of Design at Dreamsketchers

Jonas is like a ponos, 

Soft on the inside, hard and sharp on the outside. 

Will roast you like meat, 

And then feel like shit. 

He’ll always go out of his way to help, 

But that’s when he’s not lazy, lying in bed. 

Jonas is a bhendo , who has a future of gold. 

As funny as he is, his mind is keen

Always laying in grass, to reach high above. 

Starts his day with coffee, and ends it with it. 

Jonas is himself, a 25 years ‘old’ man, with experience of design. 

with lots to define 

Razor-ed as he looks, but smart he is. 

A funny, strong, sweet entertainer

and The light of Dreamsketchers.

With love, Faye Desouza


Hello Mr. Anish Divekar, Co-Founder & Director at Dreamsketchers

This man right here is the youngest director who loves numbers and strategies equally. Maybe one a little more. It’s all about the moneeeyyy!! bling bling. Currently pursuing his MBA, a smarty pants with talents galore.

With love, Glency Rodrigues


Yo Yo YO! Shivani Kunkolienkar, Social Media Executive at Dreamsketchers 

Aye Shivani,

Tu lagti hai nani,

Sunati bohot kahanis,

Par hai badi pyari!

Aye Shivani.

Yours Truly, Kabir Singh a.k.a. Siddhant Desai


lalalalalala oh hey there Sheevanee Gaonkar, Social Media Executive at Dreamsketchers

This beautiful soul is a friend I’m so grateful to have made. With a memory of an elephant she is always there for everybody in the office whether it is reminding us to drink water, or for other tasks that we stupidos should actually be ahead off. Without her we’d be handicapped! Sheevanee is unique in her own way, her creativity flows from her experiences and knowledge from the depths of her extensive reading on authors that are brilliant minds. It leaves me in no doubt that she resembles the same persona. Her warmth, craziness & kindness will take her places and leave everybody with a smile big enough to light up their day. Since she is also the absolute task-master I made her a list of things – to NOT do – but more so to absorb. It is all the things that I think makes her the stunning, brilliant and beautiful person that she is.

1) Kind

2) Humble

3) Warm 

4) Hardworking

5) Trustworthy

6) Loving

7) Great friend

With love always, She who shall not be named. *fear me* a.k.a. Giselle Figueiredo


*slap* *slap* *slap* oops sorry Siddhant Desai, Designer at Dreamsketchers

Siddhant is the most dedicated person I’ve met recently and also he is very hard working, works well under pressure. He is the most punctual person I have ever seen, he has dedicated time slots to sit on his throne (AKA Toilet). His character is as lame as his jokes, funny yet racist sometimes. He is a great designer hope he designs his life. Our mini arguments each day is equal to one’s daily chai and sutta.

With love, Askar Ali Patil


Hai Giselle Figueiredo, Head of Public Relations at Dreamsketchers

The face of ‘difficult tasks being done with a smile ‘ is > our dear Giselle. She has mastered this one quality very much needed in the professional world – i.e to be ‘passionate.’ Maybe she has her nervous moments too but that smile doesn’t falter.

With love, Prayag Quenim


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