During the Goan summer when the sun begins to beat down with unbridled fury, you’ll find urrak being poured into tall glasses filled with ice, limca, a pinch of salt, and topped with a cut chilli for a slight bite. This seasonal drink is the perfect refreshment served at all your hotels, restaurants and local pubs. The season starts in the month of March and every local around waits in anticipation to place a bottle of this drink on their shelves for the year. Urrak is not widely packaged under many brands but is generally sourced through local vendors who produce it.  


Considering the popularity of this local delicacy we curated an annual festival for Voltaire built around ‘URRAK’, called ‘Festa De Folga’. ‘Fest’ in Konkani refers to a feast while ‘Folga’ refers to taking a day off, well I’ll leave you to connect the dots! This year   

Why this Festival?

Voltaire as a restaurant focuses on Goan saraswat cuisine and is popularly known for its authentic food. With its rustic wooden look, large airy windows and a mesmerizing view of the Mandovi river, it is the perfect setup for a traditionally goan ‘Sussegad’ experience.

During the promotional activities we made sure to stay true to its essence whilst developing the concept allowing customers to experience a little bit of Goa and its emotions every visit.


Highlights of the Festival

We specially curated a cocktail menu with Urrak as the base alcohol and came up with different unique variations for our customers to enjoy! This simple yet complex idea drove a lot of attention towards the festival. The 8 cocktails were given quirky Konkani names to add an element of fun. Apart from the cocktails we also indulged in serving people Urrak by the bottle with mixers and ingredients needed to make the drink as per your taste which allowed people to get creative.


The food menu was especially developed keeping in mind the essence of the festival and what people usually love to eat while they sat back and relaxed sipping their favorite drink. Live Goan music played, kept people afloat a beautiful symphony.

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