Dreamsketchers developed The Clean Beach Project with a vision to make a change. The main goal here was to help restore the historic, picturesque beaches of Goa which are currently in a forlorn state. With Goa, flooded with tourists throughout the year, the beaches are hot-spots. During the season they come alive with live music and flashy lights. However, when the season dies down and the fog of fun fades what’s left is heavily polluted beaches. According to a study by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) in Kochi, Goa stands at the top of the list for the most contaminated beach in the country.

Head of Design at Dreamsketchers, Jonas D’Souza said, The Clean Beach Project started off with a group of youngsters coming together to clean the beaches of Goa. However, with the response and awareness the event generated, it soon developed into an initiative with a lot of scope. We hope that this initiative gets people more actively involved in keeping our environment clean and green.”

The idea behind the initiative apart from creating awareness was to set it up as an umbrella initiative whose employees, campaigners and activists are the people of the state. Should anyone choose to clean up a beach in Goa they can rest assured that they will get full support from Dreamsketchers under the banner of The Clean Beach Project.  

“We hope that this initiative will foster a new synergistic environment where the people of Goa and the team at Dreamsketchers can communicate the importance of keeping our beaches clean. We plan to build this initiative as a legacy for the youth of Goa and charge everyone with the responsibility in safeguarding our future.” said, Managing Partner at Dreamsketchers, Ankit Sinai Talaulikar.

The Project like any other is growing, and the team at Dreamsketchers have been loud and clear in their mission towards raising awareness about the repercussions of littering and how damaging it is to our land. Stay glued to our Instagram & Facebook for info on our next drives. We hope to see our fellow Goans support us in taking Goa back to it’s glorious days!


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